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How We Do It

Build Your City

We build it all, from small and simple to large museum layouts in a room, above a room, or throughout a home. If there is currently a room in your home that is a designated play room, that is a great place to build Play City. The existing toys may be stored underneath the Play City layout. which makes for a clean play room!  Some prefer it to be built in a garage. Since Play City is completely custom, we can fit it virtually anywhere
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How Much Does It Cost?

Because Play City offers so many options and is custom built to the amount of space you specify, no two layouts are alike.  Therefore, it is impossible to quote a price without meeting with one of our designers.
Welcome To Play City

What is Play City?

Play City is an interactive town that will give your Children or Grandchildren, years of enjoyment. With several interactive and expandable options, Play City doesn’t get boring like most toys.  In fact, children generally play for hours and cannot wait to show their friends.  Adults enjoy the beauty of Play City and the ease of toy storage that is available underneath the layout.  The options are endless and so are the smiles!

Play City is the first toy of its kind with operating: street lights, building lights, traffic lights, trains, amusement rides, and more, to give children hours of non-stop fun and excitement in their own little city!

Optional Learning Tool:

Kids love to pretend they are adults and copy mom and dads day-to-day activities from taking the kids to school, going to work, and watching the baby.  Play City may also be used to teach children in a fun way, a little bit about real life!  By using the optional play-money, Play City duplicates real life and the way money is saved and spent.  A complete set of options will be provided to you during your complimentary consultation. 

We recommended an adult be present and involved when utilizing Play City as a Learning Tool.  The adult can determine what to enforce and teach based on the maturity level of the children.  Below are some examples:

1.  Each child will select a job.  Each time they work, they will be paid in play money.  (Jobs vary depending on your city)

2.  Each child will buy a vehicle using the play money they have earned from working. (Every city should have a car dealership!) 

3.  When they have saved enough money, each child will select a home
that they can keep their vehicle(s) at and enjoy!  Homes may be customized with a pool, spa, lights, and landscaping.

4.  Obey all traffic lights when driving through town and don’t forget to stop by the Play City gas station to fill up!
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Play City is a work of art that is durable enough for kids to play with.  Depending on the size of the city it could take anywhere from a few days to a month. 

Below is an example of the order of events (depending on the size of the layout, some items may be done the same day or in multiple days):
1.   Meet with a designer and go over all the options.
2.  Upon approval of the city layout, the building starts!
3.  The 1st day wood is cut & the base of the layout is built.
4.  The 2nd day streets & mountains (if any) are designed.
5.  The 3rd day streets & mountains are painted & train track secured.
6.  The 4th day buildings, streetlights, traffic lights, & train are wired.
7.  The 5th day all landscape is secured and the city is complete.
How Long Does It Take To Build It?
How Much Space Does It Take?